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Quizzle was a website that offered a free VantageScore 3.0 credit score and a free TransUnion credit report every three months. Quizzle was a tool to help consumers gain a complete understanding of their credit and provides tools to help users repair their credit and report problems with their credit report.

An angry customer said this on Sitejabber "QUIZZLE IS A SCAM! I put in my information. I've know exactly who I am for 29 years now. I answered all of their security questions to verify my identity. It locked me out of their site and said I didn't answer them correctly. Um, hello?! Yes I did! Furthermore they now have my ssn etc and I tried emailing them (like they suggest you do when you have a problem, or want to delete your account) and they NEVER EVEN RESPONDED! My only option is to hope and pray that they don't steal or lend out my identity. All I wanted to do was see my freakin' credit score for free because I was applying to a few different places for an auto loan and wanted to know how my credit was. I feel so sick and stupid now, this is such a scam. I should have known better".


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Current Contractor - Mission Specialist says

"Bit boring And staff needs to be told what to do more"

Max says

"I closed a refinance using a bankrate referral last year. Bankrate promised a giftcard as an incentive for using their service after closure of the refi. I followed their instructions after closing (to include joining Bankrate) and then received confirmation that the application for the giftcard was received. They never sent it. In response to my first email to customer service they said it was in process. They have ignored my second and third inquiries. It has been 5 months. Well past the 10 weeks they said it would take. I believe they made the offer in bad faith. I wont use Bankrate again. I suggest you avoid them. UPDATE: In response to Bankrate’s response below - your request for my address (in order to send the card) was made only last week, five months after closing, AFTER three inquiries to customer service (beginning in early February), and ONLY after publishing this post and making inquiry to the CFPB. While I appreciate your sudden responsiveness , I will reserve further judgement until such time as I actually receive the card - which I am told could take several more weeks."

Carolyn Nguyen says

"I gave my info to refi my mortgage and all of a sudden, I'm attacked by automatic phone calls and emails of all these small mortgage brokers who I've never ever heard of. I decided to go with a guy from San Diego and gave him all my info and he sent me a contract with all of these incorrect #s and raised some serious flags. Moose told me this was a no-cost loan to re-fi my house and then after he ran my credit, I got this contract to sign papers with around $8k to close but the credits that was suppose to be given to me was also in the amount of the mortgage that I wasn't going to pay for a month or 2 while the loan "resets" itself. The average cost to re-fi is around $4k. He gave me $8k. The value of my properties were also off (very high), which raised more red flags. He kept calling me while I was working during the day and that bothered the hell out of me. Everything was URGENT AF. I didn't want to do business with him after I saw that the bank I got approved for had VERY BAD REVIEWS and things could get mangled in the process and seeing he inflated my property values by A LOT. Moose assured me the mortgage would be sold as it is typical, but just I had to go with my gut and not do business with him after doing some research on his name and business. Bottom line is that Bankrate.com doesn't do it's part on whether these are good people or bad people to work with. I'm sure Bankrate got lots of money for advertising his link. Just don't go with Bankrate's advertisers - use a local mortgage broker so at least you can go into their office..."

John says

"I've submitted review, confirmed my email address, but have yet to see my review posted. It was a negative review so possibly they only publish the good reviews."

Diego Fernandez says

"Cross your fingers for never inserting a wrong password when logging in. You may be locked out forever and lose all data in your account. Customer service can’t help with that (what is a shame). Website is bugged and will never send you a reset password email. Bankrate should hire better website coders."